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My job is very simple but rewarding. Each year I take a handful of brides. I listen to them, get to know their dreams and hopes, their aspirations for beauty. And then I work for a year to create something beyond their expectations.

My aim is but one: to awe you and your people. My job is also my wedding gift: a day filled with beauty and the cozy aroma of fresh flowers.

I’m a fairy, not a florist: I make your dreams come true

Hi! My name is Yolanda and my world is full of flowers. I am married to a wonderful man and I’m the mother of Martin, a restless 3 year old beautiful boy.

I work every day to claim the ephemeral nature of beauty and the magic of fleeting moments that last forever. I fill my life with illusion, love, happiness, and all those feelings that find meaning when shared.

I invite you to take a look at my adventures and discover my desire to be part of yours. Take your time and tell me what brought you here. Deeply inside you already feel you're home. And I've always been here, with my flowers, waiting for you to arrive.

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