What you get

First of all, you get my expertise and undivided attention. One wedding is hard work for me. Only on the week of your wedding I usually work around 60+ hours to make sure everything is perfect. That’s why I take a limited number of weddings a year, to make sure I can give my best to each of my clients.

I studied Art History at college, and the search for beauty has always been imprinted on my life. I believe my work is special and has a unique feel to it. There’s a few things that make it possible. And this is…




Most flowers in any market in Europe come from Amsterdam. Either they’re grown in Holland or they come by ship mostly from Latin America or Africa. Then there’s auctions every week. The price of cut flowers varies during the year, and rises near certain dates like Valentine’s Day or All Saints. Same thing happens with peculiar flowers or exotic varieties, where there’s less quantities available or they come from afar.

There are also local farms that grow flowers with an eco-friendly approach. I always buy part of my flowers from these producers. I’d love to be able to buy all my flowers from them, both to support the local market and for the ecological bonus, but the production is small and insufficient for large events. Maybe as the floral world focus on sustainability these farms will grow and will be able to provide for the whole local market.

Unfortunately, expensive flowers tend to be the most beautiful and unique. Many of these flowers add incredible textures or have tonalities that can’t be found in commonly available flowers. And yes, I use many of these exotic flowers in my work. I know I could go for cheaper, readily available flowers and I could make more money with every job or have a reduced price, but it would affect the perception of my arrangements. It’s difficult to know how pricey some flowers are for the non-nerdy flowery eye - that means everyone except other florists! But one thing is for sure: though you might not know the value of a single flower, you can spot the difference. And these special, unique flowers, are the ones that make you stop when scrolling through Pinterest. So yes, using high quality flowers (and high quality bowls and vases) is one of the key points of my work.


Another aspect which is not too common is I tend to avoid the floral sponge. Traditionally arrangements are prepared using floral foam, a special, hard foam that absorbs water allowing the florist to stick flowers into it, holding them in place and hydrating the flowers. But, this foam is highly contaminant as it’s not biodegradable and it’s used in large quantities. With an eco-conscious approach I started using less and less of this foam substituting it for wire net that I can reuse. It’s a laborious process. Preparing arrangements in this manner is more difficult, delicate and time consuming, but each of us have to do what we can to help keep this planet a bit cleaner. Also it means I have to prepare my bowls and vases at the wedding venue, transporting them will undo all the arrangements as they rely on a delicate balance.

That’s why when the wedding day comes, I’ll arrive early to fill the venue with flowers. Once I’m done, I’ll deliver your bouquet, one of the key pieces of the day, and I will stay to see you walk down the aisle - one of my favourite parts of this job, I wouldn’t miss it!!!